Hey, Look, Listen

by Noise Pollution

I can hear them,
oh I hear them
the shaking sounds
of a gospel
by the rabid hounds
at the edges
as it falls from on high
The structure
was broken
It sounded like a lie.

I can hear them
I can hear them
The trembling words
forced out
by the honest
but it still hurts
I can hear them
I can hear them
each crack in your teeth
Keep your lips sealed
and your eyes peeled
and maybe you can finally see.

I hear them
it’s subtle
underneath the sound
I can’t see
Do you see them?
The gnashing all around
and the teeth scratch
my eardrums
and flash before your eyes
Go with me,
my eyesight
my darling, and we’ll see the skies.

I hear them
It’s quiet
a faint, whispered hymn
Do you see them
are they distant
or pressed against your limbs
I hear them
but you’re blind now
but I think you’ve always been
I hear them
you’re lying
Can you feel it in your skin?

And I can listen closely
to but one thing at a time
If I can hear your heart beating
I can’t listen to mine
If everyone and everything
could only be so blind
then maybe they could listen
this one last time.

If everyone, oh everyone
could listen for the tune
maybe they could hear
me too.

I write music.

This is a song I wrote.