by Noise Pollution

Okay, so I apologize for making a third post in one day, but my absolute fucking favorite band is releasing an EP soon, and I am so goddamn excited. It going to be re-recordings of some of their old tracks from back when they had  to use a bedroom as a recording studio. The songs are some of my favorite songs written by these guys, and I am so excited for the re-recordings. I am so goddamn excited. I love The Front Bottoms so much. Other music has spoken to me, and moved me, but none of it has ever made me feel the way The Front Bottoms’ music makes me feel. 

The EP is called Rose, and is a tribute to one of the band members’ grandmother. 

Goddammit, did I mention how fucking excited I am? I love this band so much that any music they release is like a major plot point on the timeline of my life. Fuck, I’m excited.

She says, “Break your neck,

and I will love you

like a bird that cannot fly.

You will be fine.”

She says, “Break your neck,

and I will love you

every night.

You will be mine.”