My Favorites

by Noise Pollution

I thought I’d post some lyrics from some of my favorite songs. I’m constantly tempted to post other people’s lyrics here, so I figured I would get it it all out of my system in one go. This will be in no particular order, but they’re all great. At least, I think they are.

And I

can hear her dog whistle

from my bedroom.

-Flashlight, The Front Bottoms

Flashlight is my favorite song. Period. It is fantastic song about growing up and out of everything, while watching other people stay the same, with a romantic theme throughout. I think that the line here is referring to a feeling that you have, or a pull to someone, that nobody else can understand. Like how a dog whistle can only be heard by dog, these feelings can only be felt by him, and they’re being generated by a single person. I could be reading to much into it, but that’s what it means to me.

I hope you had the time of your life.

-Good Riddance, Green Day

Yeah, I know this song has been overplayed to death, and everyone with a guitar knows how to play it, but it’s still a fucking incredible song. It’s a really bittersweet song. Reading this little bit from an interview with Billie Joe made me appreciate it even more.

“At the time I wrote Good Riddance, I was breaking up with a girl that was moving to Ecuador, and I was trying to be as understanding about it as I could. I wrote the song as kind of a bon voyage. I was trying not to be bitter, but I think it came out a little bit bitter anyway.”

What’s passed these hands?
All these drugs and one night stands
So I tremble when I think of what she’d do
She’d say something like, “You’re no good,
You’re like the junkies in this neighborhood”
We all need a fix, I guess I need one too

-Something New, The Airborne Toxic Event

I used to do drugs. Like, a whole fucking lot of them. I felt like I was just another user, just another user in a sea of other users. But, you know, we all needed it. I don’t know how I would have gotten through that time in my life without them. Hell, even ten months after quitting, I’m still so anxious and depressed that I had to be fucking hospitalized for it. I’m taking pills to help with my problems, but they’re really just drugs. Am I any better now, filling out five separate prescriptions at the pharmacy? I don’t know. I’m not going back to street drugs, though. It was a hard life, even if it felt necessary.

But did she cry for me?

I don’t think so.

-I Don’t Think So, Dinosaur Jr.

It’s a great song, and a better hook. It’s how I end up feeling after after every breakup, and I think… it’s  probably true. I’ve never had a “clean” breakup, if those even exist. Every time I’ve been broken up with or done the breaking up, there’s been another fucking guy involved. Not once has there ever been another girl, or have I ended the relationship for any other reason. I doubt my exes ever felt any sense of loss from leaving me, since they all fell out of my arms only to be caught by another big, strong pair of them. You can almost taste the bitterness in that last sentence, can’t you? God dammit, I’m getting myself worked up over this. Over nothing. Well, it should be nothing, anyway. It still hurts like a big, wide-open wound.

This place has taken all my self esteem
And everybody is afraid of me
And I can’t make eye contact with anyone I see
This place has taken all my self esteem

-Self Esteem, Andrew Jackson Jihad

Ah, Andrew Jackson Jihad. They have such wonderfully hateful and bitter lyrics sometimes, and while I love those too, the other stuff they do is also amazing.

Everybody leaves,

so why,

why wouldn’t you?

-Great Expectations, The Gaslight Anthem

Another incredible song, and another one that opens old wounds right back up again. I don’t care. It’s a beautiful song. I’m not going to stop listening to it. Oh god, you should watch the video, and wait until this line is sung, and look at the singers face when he sings it. It’s such a perfect emotion expressed in that moment.

You’re not the one who let me down

but thanks for offering

-Web In Front, Archers of Loaf

This song is incredible. That’s all I have to say about it. Well, except for the fact that it stood as a major inspiration for Jesse Lacey of Brand New, another favorite band of mine.


You know, I may actually have to do this in multiple parts. I didn’t expect myself to actually discuss most of these quotes in detail, and it turned out to be a more interesting exercise than I originally thought it would.