I Have a New Goal

by Noise Pollution

I’ve decided that from now on, I will write at least thirty seconds worth of music every single day. I will not miss a day, no matter what. I’m hoping this will improve my writing abilities, and it’ll also make sure that I always have something to fall back on if I can’t come up with a topic for a full blog post. It seems like a really good idea, right? Here’s today’s:

I just wrote

another song about myself

but it’s just ’cause

I don’t like anyone else.

I just broke

sitting here by myself

but it’s just ’cause

I don’t love anyone else.


and ever since I disappeared

I’ve wanted to leave here


and go anywhere else

away from eveyone else

I mean, I don’t mind

being by myself

and everytime

I know you’re by yourself

I wish you could be

by yourself by myself.


’cause I don’t think I like being alone.

but these days I just don’t answer the goddamn phone

cause nobody’s worth talking to

I wish that I could just come home.

’cause I don’t think I need to be alone.


Don’t you dare fucking touch me

I’ll break down in your grasp

Don’t you dare say you love me

so I don’t have to say it back.


’cause I don’t think I like being alone.

But I will never, ever come home.

How about any of you guys? Any new goals or anything?