My Favorites Pt. II

by Noise Pollution

Hello and welcome to another installment of… Oh god, no. There’s no way I can keep that garbage writing up, even ironically. Anyways, this is the second part of a series where I talk about my favorite lines from songs.

Daylight licked me into shape

I must have been asleep for days

and moving lips to breathe her name

I opened up my eyes

and found myself alone, alone

alone above a raging sea

that stole the only girl I loved

and drowned her deep inside of me.

-Just Like Heaven, The Cure

Yeah, I know this one is a little on the nose, I mean, there’s nobody who doesn’t love this song unless they hate it because it is (was?) overplayed. It’s still a beautiful fucking song. Also, to make it even more beautiful, it’s about the girl he married and stayed married to. Musicians don’t usually do that. We’re all either conceited assholes or at least a little bit touched in the head. And this particular verse is the most beautiful one in the song.

She sees these visions

she feels emotions

She says that

I cannot go,

she sees my plane in the ocean

“And what about your friends?

Don’t you love them enough to stay?”

and I say,

“If I don’t leave now

then I will never get away.”

Let me be a blue raft

on a blue sea, I’ll blend right in.


But you are an artist,

and your mind don’t work the way you want it to.

-Maps, The Front Bottoms

Fuck. This song is about me, I fucking know it. How could it not be? It sums up an event that happened to me so completely perfectly that there’s no way it couldn’t be about me.

Well, obviously it isn’t actually about me, but whatever. The Front Bottoms write songs that hit me so close to home that my inner old man tells them to get the hell off his lawn.

If I woke up

with all these things

Would it even change your feelings

None of that is even me

But for now I’ll have to

wait another week

to see your face and all I want to say is

that I really miss you

-If Only, Goldfinger

Most of this song is relatively jokey and barely serious, but when the song finally slows down, and he says what he really feels, it’s so pretty. I love this part of the song, but it totally needs that earlier jokey attitude and weird key-changing bridge for it to work. It’s such an interesting song to me.

 I’ve never thought about death

the way I thought about you

never considered the

celestial lines they drew

I never did what you asked

I never turned down the volume.

I’ve got some friends back home

that would strongly agree

you don’t need no maps

to draw conclusions like these

These gates are locked up tight

and no one here’s got a key

but someone must have a cell phone

or else some kind of machine

that can connect us to satellites

in the outer, outer sky.

Tides, Harrison Watters

Okay, so I found this song while browsing Youtube, and this guy is a fucking genius. Just listen to it. It’s brilliant.


Okay, that’s it for today. Expect more!