My Favorites Pt. III

by Noise Pollution

Fuck intros. Let’s just get right into it.

Feelings scare you

You never look me in the eye

Don’t ever change, I just want you to know

the complacency’s always been staged

I was


until you opened up my eyes

I’ve always believed in you

Want to be more than that tonight

And live for the moment

But that takes too much pride

You will stay what I’ll

Never have

if I tried

Damned if I don’t.

What if I died

without being with you?

-All Choked Up, Say Anything

All Choked Up is a hidden track on Say Anything’s first album, Baseball. The album… is a bit of a mess, and only has maybe three decent tracks, this hidden track being one of them. Yes, Say Anything fans, I’m calling Baseball a bad album. I myself am a huge fan of …Is a Real Boy and the self-titled album, and I even like In Defense of the Genre a whole lot. I love Menorah/Majora as well, but Baseball is still bad.

Though I gotta say, I think it is completely redeemed by this song. This song is just about unrequited love, but it’s presented in such a grandiose manner that it feels so much bigger than that. And the ending of the song… Man, it is fantastic. It builds and builds, and sounds so full of frustration, until he finally quietly sings, “I’m choking,” symbolizing the fact that he’s given up, but it feels terrible. It’s such a great song.

Break your neck,

and I will love you

like a bird that cannot fly

you will be fine.

and she says

Break your neck

and I will love you

every night

you will be mine.

-Jim Bogart, The Front Bottoms

Okay, we’re sticking with the theme of unrequited love (and the theme of having at least one Front Bottoms track in every one of these,) but this song takes a completely different approach. This song stays mellow and easy to relate to the entire time. It gets bitter, but it also shows the extent of the one-sided feelings that exist here. These are strong feelings, and the bitterness is only a small part of it.

No one in the world

ever gets what they want

and that is beautiful

Everybody dies

frustrated and sad

and that is beautiful

-Don’t Let’s Start, They Might Be Giants

Just a fantastic line from a great song.

This god of your holy books I do not agree with him

I will not be one more servant

I will not bow to anything

Not a puff of smoke or the flash of a turning mirror

Let’s talk about your real fears

Like that you might actually be all alone

No happy heavenly home

To return to god, dispenser of judgmental pencil shavings

He’s got baggies full for you

But I’ve got a planet packed with proof


Oh, to understand

You must spend time alone

To comprehend

You must spend time alone

To be together

We must spend time alone

-Trippin’ the Life Fantastic, Weatherbox

Goddamn, this song is so good. Just listen up to the end of these lyrics.


The music just accompanies some already breathtaking lyrics and makes them even better, which I guess is exactly the point of music, so you can say that these guys are doing it right.

I understand it’s a line mostly about atheism, but I feel like it also addresses it well. It talks about the fear of death that we all share, even with religion on your belt. Then it goes into the idea of spending time alone, and says that it’s necessary. And it is. “To understand, you must spend time alone.”