My Favorites Part IV

by Noise Pollution

Part one can be found here, if you don’t know what the hell this is. I’m not writing another intro.

Sometimes you get sad

when we’re together

because you’re not sure if you’ll miss me

when I’m gone.

-Everything I Own, The Front Bottoms

This line, the first line in the song, describes how my last relationship was slowly ending in front of my eyes, and it came out in the midst of it happening. When I heard it, I nearly bawled my eyes out. The Front Bottoms have always released music that hits close to home for me, and they usually release it exactly as the situation is happening, no sooner, no later. It’s kind of how I know that this little “crush” I have on someone isn’t going to go anywhere; they just re-released a different song that’s about unrequited love the fucking day I met her. I’m a very firm atheist, I don’t believe in souls, miracles, fate, or any sort of magic-like thing, but sometimes, it’s really hard seeing these sorts of things as nothing more than coincidences.

If it makes you less sad,

I’ll take your pictures all down

every picture you paint,

I will paint myself out.

-The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot, Brand New

This song is one of the first songs I ever learned how to play on my guitar. It’s a beautiful song. It was hard to pick just one line, as the entire song as a whole is even greater than the sum of its already fantastic parts. “If it makes you less sad” is such a smart way to say what he wants to say, and it’s beautiful in it’s simplicity, too. It’s one of those lines that makes you wonder how no one else had ever come up with it before, it fits a feeling so perfectly.

I guess you’re as real as me,

maybe I can live with that.

-Butterfly, Weezer

This is, hands down, the prettiest song Weezer has ever written. I adore this song. It’s based off of the play “Madame Butterfly”, but Rivers Cuomo manages to make me feel more than the play ever did. I could listen to this song for hours, with no breaks.

Dear you, tonight let’s get ahead of ourselves

’cause now, I barely can remember

Yesterday stretched on for so long

tomorrow feels like forever.

My god, you know how much I needed this

these days are filled with such disaster

Sometimes I think life will never be the same,

sometimes I think that’s the answer.

Cliff Diving, +44

+44 is one of the bands that spawned from the Blink-182 hiatus. +44 is the better band of the two that came out of it. +44 improved on the Blink-182 “formula,” while Angels and Airwaves is kind of just Tom DeLonge metaphorically jerking off to pictures of space.

Anyways, this song is just a pretty love song. Nothing crazy, no deep personal anecdotes here, I just happen to like this love song a whole lot.

No time to search the world around

’cause you know where I’ll be found

When I come around.

When I Come Around, Green Day

Yeah, yeah, everybody likes to shit on Green Day, I know. Go ahead, badmouth them  for as long as you need to.

Done yet? No? Well, be done, because I actually want to say my piece now. This song is probably nothing special to anyone else, it’s just a catchy song with a catchy hook, right? No. Wrong. It’s a catchy song with a catchy hook about being a fuck up. Which, I pretty much was for a good long time. I’ve always felt that everyone in my life was just waiting for me to “come around.” I think I was, too. This song felt like my fucking theme song back then. It still kind of is. I’ve gotten myself out of that lifestyle, but I’m still not accomplishing anything.