To Infinity and Beyond

by Noise Pollution

Just relax
don’t keep me on track
for I am far too gone
to have you watch my back

I want to break one thousand hearts
like how they broke my thousand hearts
and when I fall apart
I want you to fall apart.

And if I have to lie,
to make you, make you mine
that’s fine.

And if I have to die
to make you read these lines
that’s fine.

And in a couple days
I swear that I will be okay
I just need some room to breathe
my room, my sanctuary.

And when I emerge from this cocoon of blankets

I shall not have changed
I shall be the same
but at least the tears
acquired through the years
Shall be wiped from my face
at last.

I will once again
be guided outside
with visions of lust
again on my mind
I will try yet again
and again.
and again.
and again.

History repeats
and the cause is mine
because I cannot learn
and I will always lie.

and with this bitter, broken memory here by my side
One day, one day the world will be mine

I will stand and I will smile
at all of my adolescent subjects
who followed my feelings
feeling rejected by rejects.
And when I cry out
sing away all my fears
They will be mine
for one thousand more years.

and my life shall be a beacon
for all those who gave up reason.
I want to be followed
I want to hear my songs
So please, hear me out
to infinity and beyond.

Here’s a poem I wrote when I was sixteen.

I used to have dreams.