by Noise Pollution

What am I doing what am I doing what am I doing what am I doing here?

I need a goal. I need something to work for. I’m working towards my own recovery, but it isn’t enough. I need something more concrete, something to accomplish, a goal, a dream, anything at all to get me out of this… this… whatever the hell this is! I don’t know. It’s not even a rut, as I’m doing more with my life in trying to recover than I’ve done in months. It’s just… I feel like I’m trapped. I have nowhere to go but down, I have nothing to do, nowhere I need to be, but I don’t want to need to be anywhere because that would just stress me out and… fuck! I’m making no sense right now. I just want to go home. I am home. But I don’t feel like I’m home. I need my best friend to feel like I’m home. I’m nowhere without him around. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck what the fuck am I doing 



with my life?