Thinking of You

by Noise Pollution

Another recording from high school. The lyrics I’ve put down are slightly different from the recording, but those are changes I made ages ago, not new ones.

I cannot shake this off my spine

’cause I must be yours

and yours must be mine

Take out all reason, right and rhyme

To force things to change,

you are mine.


At night when I’ve nothing to do

when I sleep, I think of you.


I cannot go out tonight

It’s far too dark and I

cannot turn out the light

but tonight, I am drifting out of sight

I’ll be your beacon burning bright


At night, when you lay still asleep

when you dream, please dream of me.


Rest your head

on my shoulder instead

of the pillow laying lonely on your bed

Rest your head.


Next time that you lay still asleep

Lovely, would you lie with me?

Okay, more shitty vocals and guitar playing ahead, you’ve been warned.