Aimless Musical Rant

by Noise Pollution

When people do acoustic covers, I think it’s completely unnecessary to make the song all minor and “cool”. Like, do your thing to the song, whatever, but minor does not equal good. I get it, it emphasizes your fantastic voice to sing it all sad-like, but the song wasn’t written that way, and your twist, while substantial, did not change the meaning of the song enough to justify itself. I mean, doing it the way I do it (just a straight cover with very little changes to the original song) isn’t better or anything, but I feel like you guys that do this are just using your talents to manipulate great songs into boring, typical ones. 

Every acoustic song doesn’t have to be in a fucking minor key, guys. If you’re going to put your spin on it, don’t just tweak it into a “sadder” sound and call it good, you’re clearly more talented than that. 

Okay, my rant aimed towards musicians better than I is over. I’m obviously just jealous that you’re capable of even doing that much, when I can’t manage it myself.