My Appearance (Rant)

by Noise Pollution

I wish I was more attractive. Seriously. As it turns out, being tall and blonde isn’t enough, you’ve got to do other shit too. I’ve put on too much weight. I could stand to lose fifty pounds. I still have teenage acne. My eyebrows are too thick. My arms are too flabby (not to mention cut to shreds by my own self-loathing) and my legs are fatty, too. My nose is too big. My burn scars are gross. My beard doesn’t come in full enough. I don’t do anything cool with my hair. I could go on for paragraphs if I really wanted to nitpick.

I don’t know why I feel like posting all that, I just do. This blog is supposed to be raw, unfiltered me, and if I don’t regularly do some bitching about myself or others, I wouldn’t be being honest, would I?