Thirteen-Year-Old Anger

by Noise Pollution

This post is an atheist rant/poem I wrote when I was about thirteen. Do not read ahead if that will offend you. I was much more direct with my dislike of religion back then, and have cooled off significantly since. I have no desire to debate religion, I just thought this young kid’s perspective was an interesting thing to share.

Logic and reason
thrown down the well
to make it heaven,
to hear the bells
you must make your life here
far worse than hell
according to scripture, according to God
you must give up choices, let Him move you along
follow straight and narrow, don’t stray from the path
What makes you right? Nothing, just a bible class.
I can’t be shown proof, questioning is wrong
To brainwash is fine, it’s thinking that’s wrong
Go to church, hear them out, it’ll all be okay
live a shitty life now, and you’ll be happy in your grave.