Like You

by Noise Pollution

I don’t like you
not a single thing
not the red in your hair
not the green in your eyes
it means nothing to me

No, I don’t like you
not the tiniest bit
not the curve of your face
not the tip of your nose
not the soft of your lips

I don’t like you
no, not any part
not the taste of your tongue
not the bite of your teeth
not even the pounding
of your weak-willed heart

I don’t like you
I ran away
there was nothing you had
that was holding me still
you weren’t enough to make me stay

I don’t like you
you’re just such a bitch
I can tell myself that
like that changes the fact
that you’ve been missed

I don’t like you
I swear to a goddess
I saw something wrong
but I followed along
trusting you would be honest

No, I don’t LIKE you
I hate everything
I hate the thought of your love
and the look of disgust
will never leave

No, I don’t LIKE you
you make me so sick
I gave you all that I had
I tried not to be sad
but these walls have
never been so thick

No I don’t like you
I wish you were dead
you should seal up your eyes
there’s no reason to cry
but the tears just
pour out of my head

I’m not like you
I’m not like you

No, I’m not like you
I’ve never been mad
Yeah, all of this time
I’ve been screaming inside
I’ve only been sad

like you, like you.

like you, like you.