Hey, You Should Check Out My Slightly Older Writing

by Noise Pollution

I’ve gotten more followers since I stopped posting every single day, which means that there are newer followers out there who have 90+ posts to catch up on. Now, that’s a ridiculous expectation for me to have, but I thought I’d at least point some of you guys in the direction of some of my better, more interesting stuff.

You see my little menu bar there, near the top of the page? You see the option called “Best Of”? If you click that, you’ll see some of the stuff that I thought was worth surfacing in spite of its age.

If you don’t want to go through that page, I have some handy little links for you.

The People I Sort Of Remember: Part 1, Part 2

This short-lived (but possibly coming back?) series is about some weird feelings I have about people I came into contact with a long time ago. I dwell on the idea of forgetting the smaller influences in my life, and how I don’t want to. I talk in detail about a relationship gone horribly wrong. I don’t know, I think they’re interesting reads.

Cigarette Blues: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Posts about cigarettes.

My Stay At Seven East: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Days 5&6

My stay at a psych unit of a hospital.

I Am a Burn Victim

I am a burn victim. This is the story.

Go the Distance

A post about trying to be a hero.

Fireworks, Grip

Posts about love.

All Apologies

A post about some shitty things I’ve done.


A song about my surviving third-degree burns.