I Realize that I Mostly Post Lyrics Nowadays, But This One Has A Completely Different Tone Than What I Usually Write, So Yeah

by Noise Pollution

Theres a knife
in my top drawer
‘neathe a t-shirt
and a pack of old cigarettes
There’s a razor
in my thought process
‘neathe a memory
that I thought was repressed

but I fucked that up too

There’s a crobar
in my backyard
and I grabbed it
’cause it reminded me of life
and I took it
to my skull
and I was bleeding
and I woke up in a hospital

and I am not like you

There’s a blanket
made of black cloth
that someone made for me
and I burned it even blacker
and that’s the same fit
that I threw then
spewing out my mouth
’cause I’m a worthless little bastard

I don’t know what to do

There’s a bottle
full of pink pills
and the bottom
was whiter than my skin
There’s an organ
pushing air through metal pipes
and out my throat
and I can’t suck it back in

but I fucked that up too.
and I am not like you.
I don’t know what to do.

fucked that up too.