by Noise Pollution

I haven’t been able to write music for almost two weeks now.

I’m upset.

I’ve barely been able to write blog posts, responses to messages from people who matter to me in some form or another. I’m completely stuck, and it’s depressing.

And I’m having a rough time. Surprise! Have I ever written anything really and truly positive that would lead anyone to believe I wasn’t having a rough time? Oh wait, yeah, there was that one time when I falsely believed that I was doing better when I wasn’t. Sorry guys. That was a fluke. As it turns out, the real me is just this sarcastic and depressing piece of shit who can’t get over himself.

Sorry. I’m not trying to be a dick. It’s just sort of coming out that way, and… yeah. Sorry.

Here’s a song by someone else, since I’ve barely given you any content of my own as of late.