Here’s Another Acoustic Cover Of A Song I Like (With Description!)

by Noise Pollution

I’m still completely incapable of writing my own content at the moment, so here is a cover of a song by my favorite band, The Front Bottoms.

This was my anthem back when I was using all the time. “We both know where this is going to lead to” was a line often sung out into the sky by my best friend and I while in the middle of a park at three in the morning during some sort of hallucinogenic trip. It’s such a simple line, and it’s not even really all that poetic, but it just captured our feelings about our drug use so perfectly. We knew what road we were going down. We didn’t need anyone to fucking tell us that we were fucking up. We knew that we were fucking up. We were doing it on purpose, and we understood the consequences.

There was something about that attitude that I still admire, even now that I’ve been sober for a full year. It was a really beautiful, youthful sentiment.

Anyways, here it is. Hopefully you can feel my attachment to the song in my voice. That’s kind of what I hope for with all of my covers, honestly.