Tracks I’ve Never Posted Here (There’s Also a Whole Write-Up Here, If You’re More Interested In Written Content Than Audio Content)

by Noise Pollution

Holy shit.

I had a Soundcloud account at one point, and actually posted some stuff on it. Stuff that’s not posted anywhere else. If you’re interested, here are the songs.

An acoustic cover of 2000 Light Years Away, a song off of the album Kerplunk! by Green Day. This isn’t actually one of my favorite songs by them, but I thought it sounded very pretty when I played it on my acoustic guitar. The song may or may not actually be about masturbation, but whatever. It’s also a good love song. I didn’t really do anything interesting to the song; I literally just changed power chords into full chords and played, which is the simplest and least creative way to do an acoustic cover of a song. I’m pretty sure this was my first take after only practicing the song for about fifteen minutes. It wasn’t challenging, but it was pretty, so who cares?

That cover actually has about 300 listens on it, which is far more than anything I’ve ever posted on Youtube has. That said, I’m going to be a shill and ask you to check out my Youtube channel if you haven’t yet. Okay. Shilling done.

Here’s an original song. This is an extremely rough recording, and I even tried to experiment with Audacity and added in some (awful-sounding) effects at the end of the song. Please forgive me for that.

This song is about Kurt Cobain, and how I always looked up to him when I was learning to make music. It’s not actually about him or his life, though. It’s about how I don’t think he would’ve had any respect for me had he still been alive. It’s about the realization I came to that my idol was actually kind of a dick, and that he seemed to actively dislike the people that idolized him when he was alive. I still kind of idolize him, though.

In case you haven’t realized it, the song is called Nevermind because… well, you know what? I’m not actually going to tell you. If you’re someone who doesn’t have any context for who Kurt Cobain is and why that particular phrase is relevant, you should probably go find a Wikipedia page somewhere and educate yourself. That shit is culturally important.

This is an acoustic cover of the song Violence by Blink-182. The album this song was released on (which was self-titled) was an album that literally changed my life.

When I first heard the album, I was twelve years old and going through a really shitty time in my life. I am someone that can say that most of my childhood has been pretty tame and normal, but that year was absolutely not. I lived in a house filled with screaming fights, parents (well, a single parent, I guess) that were never home and threats of violence from family members who were absolutely not mentally stable enough to be keeping an eye on us. I slept on a beat-to-shit couch in a dark, damp and rat-infested basement, and my brother slept on the other equally-shitty couch in the same room. I was surrounded by filth at all times, and when not being watched by some highly-irresponsible and  occasionally dangerous adult, was expected to take care of my siblings. The nearest school was a full hour bus ride from my house. The bus driver was so lazy that they didn’t bother even showing up at my stop half the time, and it’s not like there was anyone waiting for me at home, so I wound up just not going to school a lot that year.

It was a terrible school anyway, and the neighborhood we lived in was part of a terrible community. Our house was in a totally backwater and extremely religious part of the country, where divorce was heavily looked down on. I happened to be a child of not one, not two, but three divorces by that time, fresh off of the third one, and my house was deemed to be the house of sinners. Let me tell you, it was awesome. Sarcasm. Sorry. It doesn’t really show through text. We routinely had rocks thrown through our windows, paint (like, the house-kind, like, the kind that never goes away) would end up not only on the outside of our house, but on the inside after people had broken in, and the neighbors next door were attempting to have some kind of fucking land war with us when they put a fence around their backyard. They really wanted to have the fence have a wider area, you know, just a couple of feel over our property line, and couldn’t seem to understand why that wasn’t okay.

But wait, there’s more! Forgive me for the going on and on and bitching and complaining here, but I just realized how little I have ever talked about this particular year with anyone. I don’t get to talk about it with my mother, as she’s resentful of the fact that I’m bitter about it, and my siblings don’t remember it as well as I do.

I was also bullied the few times I ever really made it to school. I was made fun of by the students, made fun of or outright ignored by the teachers, and while I didn’t really get beat up, my only “friend” at the time used me as a punching bag. There were times where I got physically hurt, though. Like the time that someone shoved me onto the sidewalk as I was attempting to get on the bus. I landed in such a way that my tailbone slammed against the edge of the curb. That hurt. Then everyone that rode that bus proceeded to use my face and my crotch as a stepping stone for getting onto the bus. I had to get up and get on that bus and face those people, who all (including the shitbag driver) laughed at my bruised and bloody face. I cleaned up the best I could before I got home. My mom wasn’t home anyway, so she never found out. She didn’t have to.

Now I can get to where the story was actually going. Amidst all of this hell, I legitimately wanted to kill myself. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I just knew that I hated being alive and that I had no hope for the future because all of the guys my mom was leaving me and my siblings behind to date all seemed like total fucking dirtbags. Which they were, with the exception of the one she wound up choosing in the end, but I had no way of knowing that would be the case. And it’s not like I liked him right away either. I had to fly out from my fathers house to go to their wedding on my goddamn birthday and… Oh god, that’s a story for another time.

Anyway, I stopped giving a shit about anything. I was being irresponsible. I was doing the bare minimum to take care of my siblings, and absolutely nothing more. I spent 100% of my free time watching shitty TV until my brain melted out of my ears. I failed half of my classes. I’m surprised I didn’t fail more. One day, while I was contemplating how much I hated everything, I was going through my mother’s CDs, and I stopped on a pink one with a conspicuous logo on it. I saw that it was a Blink-182 album, and knew that I liked one or two of their songs. I put the album on, and that was it. That was the rest of my year. I stopped watching TV, because whenever I was home, I was laying in a pitch-black room with headphones plugged into my  Walkman-branded CD-player. Whenever I wasn’t home, I was sitting as far away from people as I could, with headphones plugged in to my Walkman-branded CD-player. I had that album on repeat for at least six months.

It honestly probably saved my life. It let me escape into another place, a place that was far, far the hell away from where I was. I didn’t have to listen to the thoughts in my head, I had the thoughts of someone else. To this day, no album takes me out of my head quite like the self-titled Blink-182 release does.

Okay, this is a song written for the animated television show Avatar: The Last Airbender. The show is the best animated show I’ve ever seen, and even though it’s targeted at kids, it deals with some difficult themes, and has deep and interesting characters. The character that is probably the most loved out of all of them, though, has to be Uncle Iroh. I want you to watch this clip. It’s the clip that contains this song, and the clip that inspired me to play it. It explains Uncle Iroh’s character quite well, and I feel as though even those of you without the context of the show will be able to understand it. It’s kind of zoomed in, because otherwise it would’ve been taken down for copyright infringement, and it’s also slowed down a little bit, which sucks because the voices are lower than they should be, but what else am I going to do?

Watch it until about 8:58, but you’ll probably know when to stop.

EDIT: Well, looks like this one was taken down, too. Fuck Viacom. Seriously, fuck that corporation so goddamn hard. It’s a show that has been off the air for years, and it’s a small clip from a single episode of that show, and that particular clip is one that could get people to spend money on their show. Holy shit, I hate the way copyright law works. It’s a completely fucking broken system, and I could get into that right now, but we’ll save that for another day. For right now, here is an extremely, extremely shitty recording off of a television screen with background noise ruining the whole thing.

There’s so much there. In case not having the context was in fact terrible, Iroh’s son died in the war that the plot of the series is centered around. It’s something that happened long before the events of the show, but is referred to occasionally. This is literally the only time in the series you see Iroh break down like that. At all other times, he is the cheerful, wise old man as seen in the earlier parts of the video.

Also, if you watched it until the point I told you to, you’ll notice that at the end, the screen says, “In honor of Mako”. Mako is actually the name of the person who voiced Iroh in the first season and I believe part of the second season, but he passed away before the show was finished.

That scene is such an emotional scene for me, and is what cemented my love of the show.

This is a cover of a theme song for an internet show that  aired on the now-dead video game website It was an awesome show; it was one of the first of it’s kind and the format is now used pretty frequently elsewhere. Anyways, there’s a lot of nostalgia for the time in my life during which I was an avid user of, and when the site was officially closed down, I recorded this is memoriam.

Here is the orginal song, if anyone wants to check it out.