How To Tell If You’re Completely And Totally Cynical To An Almost Disturbing Degree

by Noise Pollution

Read this article, and do the excercise presented.

Just do it. Seriously. I’m not going to write anything deep or meaningful of my own right now, I’m really just commenting on the article in question.

Okay, have you done it? Yes? Good you can keep reading. No? Just fucking do it, it’ll take less than four minutes. Or don’t read this blog post at all. That’s an option, too.

My first list varied wildly from my second list. I am doing very little to progress any of the things that I tell myself I care about. And you know what?

That didn’t bother me at all.

I’ve actually mulled this exact topic over for a startling number of hours, and came to the conclusion that I am completely full of shit, sometimes. I realized that I am an idealist who doesn’t actually work to achieve his ideals. I seem to think that if I just believe hard enough, I’ll be able to change the world just by having a fucking opinion.

That is such obvious bullshit that I was actually able to come to terms with this boring, negative aspect of who I am quite a while ago. I mean, god, I might not have even been out of high school when I figured this out, and that’s not normal.

I don’t really know if my ability to accept the fact that I (along with most people) am full of shit is a good thing or a really terrible thing. At the very least, it means that I am a cynic. Is that okay? I don’t know.