Probably (Pessimism: The Song)

by Noise Pollution

I try to think about myself
so I don’t dwell on anyone else
Oh, if I tried to kill myself
I don’t think you’d rush over
I think I figured out myself
my god, I’m just like everyone else
I feel a lot like my younger self
I’m just a little older

and I don’t know
’cause I don’t see
her anymore, is she happier?

I try to let nobody in
but while the doors are locked, these walls are thin
and so I feel them crawling through my skin
and I start to feel crazy
I think about where I have been
but you are there, standing in
and I can’t find where I begin
the line has gotten hazy

and I can’t say
’cause I can’t breathe
but am I better off this way?

there’s something telling in this story
I’ve been telling lies since morning
oh my god, my life is boring
can’t you see the tears all pouring
out of every pour on me
even after all this therapy
is this what I am going to be