An Overdramatization of What Actually Consists of Almost Nothing

by Noise Pollution

I subsist on
she doesn’t understand
that part of me
and I exist in
make believe
you don’t have to get
that part of me.

She saw the blood on her arm
She saw the blood on the floor
She felt the twitch in her heart
But she doesn’t have to feel it anymore

I tried to analyze this thing
by dragging a blade across my wrist
She felt her heart start to sing
but she doesn’t want to exist

and I can’t make it on my own
but I know you want to be alone
so I’m not asking you to stay
but please don’t go too far away

Well, such is life
and I don’t even know why
I know you’ll never love me
but tell me it’s alright

and I’ll believe you

I will.


I will.