This Is A Barely Coherent Amalgamation Of My Incredibly Warped And Broken Thoughts On Romance At The Moment

by Noise Pollution

What a way to ring in the new year, with the same shit I always post. One hour to go. I’m going to be asleep when it happens, hopefully. Otherwise I fucked up. I’ve got work tomorrow. At my job! That I’m keeping, in spite of the fact that they originally hired me as a seasonal employee! Anyways, here’s my incredibly warped and moderately disturbing perspective on romance.

Don’t even humor me
I’m thinking all these awful things
like maybe she’d fall in love with me
If I tried a little harder
as if that was the way of things
manipulated easily
you won’t fall in love with me
we can’t go any farther

it’s just a fantasy
as if you being stuck with me
could ever make you happy
compared to any other
I’m not content to try to be
a member of your company
I have to fade away completely
or I’m worse than every other

It’s not right
for me to think of you at all
I’m way too fucking small
to be the only boy you’d call
when you feel lonely,
I feel lonely
It’s not right
for me to like everything about you
I don’t know anything about you
but the world seems so much worse without you
even occasionally

don’t deserve
to make eye
contact with her

but I can’t get enough
but I can’t even fill you up
the last girl I loved
was the last girl I loved