Even Then

by Noise Pollution

I want to
wake up yesterday
and try it all again
will it just end up the same?
I want to
wake up yesterday
and find out who I am
before I make all these mistakes

And I want to
wake up in your arms
Well, all that I actually want
is to forget all that you are
’cause all the things you’re actually not
kept me safe from harm

I feel you
right down to my veins
I had to cut them open
so that you could finally drain
so now you are
flowing from my arms (something a lot like pain)
it doesn’t matter if it ends
it only matters that it starts (something a lot like pain)

Why would I
ever love again
I don’t have any blood
I don’t have any friends
Why would I
ever try again
nothing ever starts
it only matters ’til it ends

and even then…

oh I know,
there’s no reason
to be breathin’

if there’s no
other person
there to breathe with

and even then…