by Noise Pollution

I used to be

afraid of the dark

back then monsters crawled

out of my heart

but now I am

only afraid of darkness

the demons I have

the demon of heartlessness

I mean, I can imagine

a corpse

and it almost satisfies

but it’s still too frightening

I can hear voices through the walls

and they’re always screaming

and they’re always fighting

There are the footsteps

the sound of a knife

hitting the floor

. . .

And a door closes

and a door opens

is it mine?

is it mine this time?

and I tighten my grip

on my weapon, as if

I could fight this off

I never could before

. . .

And so it begins

I’m bleeding to death

in my head

in my head in my head

in circles

in circle in circles


this unpleasantness

or is it okay?

I might feel worse

were it to fade

And I open the door

And I stand at the doorway

I stand at the doorway

And I close the door

And I go back to bed.