Shallow Water

by Noise Pollution

There’s mud
polluting shallow water
I guess that’s
all I really am
Just mud
polluting shallow water
I swear
I did everything I can
There’s blood
leading out the doorway
In the end
that’s all you really were
Just a cut
dripping off my fingers
It’s more the mess
that bothers than the hurt

I’m miserable, and you’re happy
guess I expected that from you
used to say I loved you,
now I don’t have to.

now there’s pills
I take every morning
I guess thats
all you really were
Just pills
I took every morning
I’m still
scared of the very worst

Yeah, I’m miserable and you’re happy
that’s what this song suggests
I loved you so much
I’ll try to love you less.

There was Elena, before you
with those dark brown eyes
and another, before her
who used to tell me lies
and I’d smile, and she’d smile
cause we were happy together, it was almost forever

I hate you.