You Are, In Fact, Alone

by Noise Pollution

Peel off your skin
and I will count your bleeding organs
I will wrap them all in paper
and preserve them
so that maybe you can come back for them later
oh, it will only hurt
for as long as you’re alive
if you wish the pain would stop
it’s just like wishing that you’d died

and they say that’s selfish
so selfish

Take off your clothes
and I will cover you in comfort
I will never take you home
I will wrap myself around you
So you can feel much less alone

but you are, in fact,

and I can’t change your life
the way you want me to
but you will be alright
because I’m not in love with you
and we don’t have to try
there’s nothing we must do
so you will be alright
even if I’m not alright, too.

and you are, in fact,