The Fallacy of Putting the Past Behind You

by Noise Pollution

She told me all about it
how it’s so much better
a burden lifted off her shoulders
a spell of sunny weather

although I saw clouds
on the horizon
but I think she knows
because the wind, it blows
she’s been here before
she can feel it in her bones

I swear I will listen
that’s all I can really do
but nobody else will listen
until you’ve already broke through

because there’s no ending
you just keep enduring

There will never be a
happily ever after
there never was a
once upon a time
I know your life is not a story
because I am living mine
so maybe I won’t be there
when you need me the most
but know that when I’m scared at night
I’m talking to your ghost

so do you have closure?
Is your recovery “complete”?
Is everything inside of you
stacked up nice and neat?

I know there’s no ending
you just keep enduring
so I will listen
as long as it’s hurting

even if that’s forever.