Confidence Boost

by Noise Pollution

I just got informed that the reason I get called in to work on my days off so often (which I actually kind of can’t deal with very well) is because I’m the first person that they want to offer extra hours to above anyone else. Now, it could just be lip service, but it sure sounded honest, and I did get the call asking if I’d come back almost as soon as I got home,meaning that there wasn’t a whole lot of time for them to call anyone else. So I think my boss meant it.

I knew my last job at a grocery store was just a fluke. I’m a good employee. No, I’m a great employee. I always have been. The grocery store was just a fucking nightmare hellscape with demon managers. I’m am totally competent. Fuck you, last job. The bookstore I work at is so much fucking better. It’s less emotionally taxing and less physically demanding, and I don’t want to kill myself when I get home like I did before. I don’t think I’m even giving this job my 100% effort and they still appreciate me, while with my last job I was overexerting myself constantly and getting chewed out on a literal daily basis for not being good enough.

Fuck you, old boss. You fucking dick. The store you run is a run-down chaotic shitstorm and your employees treat your customers poorly and everything in the store is a goddamn mess and all of your employees hate your guts and nobody follows safety regulations and nobody ever gets proper training and literally everything about the store sucks,and it’s all your fault. You fucking dickbag. I have a better job now. I hope your store catches fire and you have to pay for it because you keep pushing your employees to do extremely unsafe things for the sake of efficiency. Ass.

Anyways, I got a compliment at my job and I feel good about it. I knew I was a good employee. The other guy was just wrong.