by Noise Pollution

We’re running
along a wire
and you’re dragging me
by my collar
and you tore up
all my clothing
’cause I had to
rock you harder

You pierced my lip
with safety pins,
You turned me in
to something that I
always wanted to be
But no amount of anger
that you tattoo
to my chest
Will ever make me
into what
I haven’t become yet
So dye my hair
inside your head
and I will sleep with you instead
of ever doing anything

I’m running
from the fire
but you’re dragging me
back through the flames
and you asked me
about my sadness
“Is it bad enough
to make your name?”

You pressed a red-hot
iron with a logo
burning bright
Up against my
shoulder and your
face was full of light
’cause someday I’ll be
that you want to be dangling
off of like a leech

But the spark you see,
it’s a fallacy
and I will not
You fucking parasite.