Like Your Mother

by Noise Pollution

You are a voice
speaking up for no one
it’s just who you are
you are an actress
but I am not impressed
by human stars
they lack the glow
and natural beauty
that hangs in the night sky
you exist for show
and have this enmity
and you tell lies

like its who you are

But my brother and I
we are family
and you
are just around
you’re laughing
at who I used to be
and all the kids
who are like that right now
you’re incompetent
at empathy
but too aware
to truly be called a sociopath
you don’t deserve
that much credit from me
and I’m not scared
and I’m not even mad

You are a voice
without a captive audience
and it shows
In your actions
when you are acting out
you’ll end up alone
To me,
I think it’s obvious
I’m not pinning this on youth
You see,
your captive audience
is you, and only you

you are an actress
you tell lies

like it’s who you are.