My Favorites Part VI

by Noise Pollution

Normally I shy away from introducing these, but it’s been so long since I’ve done one that I guess I probably should just man up and do it. Basically, this post is going to contain lines from some of my favorite songs, with a little blurb talking about the line. And that’s it. Nothing super creative or crazy or unique or whatever. Just, you know, me talking about stuff I like.

I can be lonely if she’s happy,

after all.

-The Neighborhood Is Bleeding, Manchester Orchestra

I love hooks like this. Hooks that express the both the bitterness and the feeling of futility that comes from unrequited love. And while it’s wrong to expect someone to love you back, it doesn’t make it suck any less when they don’t. Because it does. And sometimes the only way to accept it is to get bitter. It can be fucking hard to move on if you don’t let some negativity creep into the view of your relationship. Otherwise, you’re just going to keep pining for this person forever. And this line addresses that possibility, too. It’s really great.

You’re not the one

who let me down

but thanks for offering.

-Web In Front, The Archers of Loaf

Another bitter hook. I told you, I just adore these things. It’s a put-down that addresses someone’s shitty behavior without empowering it. Like, I was going to feel awful weather or not you sucked. And you absolutely did suck, it just doesn’t matter as much as you think it did. Don’t give yourself that much credit. Ahhhhhh, the cruelty there actually makes me shudder with something akin to pleasure. It’s probably not healthy for me to like this line as much as I do.

He had a white face

he had black eyes

he had burns all over his body,

and he was right.

-White Face, Black Eyes; Andrew Jackson Jihad

Whether or not this song actually has anything to do with me, it’s hard to not feel a connection to this line as a burn victim. The entire song is actually incredibly beautiful and relate-able, and while I may not know exactly what it all means, it’s very moving and I feel like I understand it, in a more detached way than directly interpreting each and every line would lead to.

The end of paralysis

I was a statuette

Now I’m drunk as hell

On a piano bench

and when I press the keys

it all gets reversed

the sound of loneliness

makes me happier.

-Poison Oak, Bright Eyes

I don’t know if I have a lot to say about this line, only that it’s something that resonates with me quite intensely. It’s odd, because I feel like a lot of Bright Eyes’s songs are either trying to make some grandiose point about the universe and happiness, or when they’re personal, they take place from the perspective of someone who hasn’t lead a normal life. And while I think this totally applies here, it reminds me that I haven’t entirely lead the most normal of lives, either.

I get left out

I get left out of every plan they make

that is what I have to do

to be the only kid from high school

who is still in love with you.

Maybe college won’t work out

and I can come sleep on your couch

I’m supposed to be at class now

but my roommate just passed out.

Twelve Feet Deep, The Front Bottoms

If I had ever actually made a good, honest attempt at schooling, this song would reflect that period of my life perfectly. It’s still pretty close. I was supposed to go to classes, but I, you know… didn’t. And I was really fucking bumming around, just kind of desperate to stay with my girlfriend at the time, who I had met in high school. And the idea of being a complete loser and sleeping on my girlfriend’s couch wasn’t as far-fetched as it should have been at that time. I knew college wouldn’t work out. It was just a matter of how long I was going to be able to hold down a job. Thankfully I never slipped quite that far into loser territory, and by the time I become unemployed, she and I would be past the point where we would never, ever communicate again. And I am employed again. And I like my job. And I still don’t really think school is for me. I fucking hate it. And I know, I know, nobody likes school, but my hatred of it is almost otherworldly. It’s really not meant for me. If I’m intelligent, I need to figure out how to apply that without schooling, because fuck that shit, and if I’m not, well… yeah. I’ll just be a stupid loser piece-of-shit for my whole life, then.

I think that’s enough for today. See you later.