The First Real Devil In My Life

by Noise Pollution

There was a man
from far away
who taught his family shame
and every hour
of every day
he spent assigning blame
Was it all the fault
of his ex-wife?
Or his crazy new one?
His child was pulling
out his hair
He wished he had a new son
His God was smiling
down on him
special as he was
a genius walking
among men
a special kind of love
a girl with
all these problems
behind a glowing screen
the devil smiled
up at him
and started the machine

I learned from him
to trust no one
every smile is a fake
to get whatever
you think you want
and cover up mistakes

I don’t believe in karma
he only lost a job
While me, I lost a family
a sound mind, and a god.
So pay the man, you always will
so morally reversed!
The metaphoric blood was spilled
on a contract, verbally rehersed

so now I’ll never speak again
or try to have a hero
I have lost my faith in men
and it’s never getting healed.