by Noise Pollution

I don’t see you
As clear as I’d like
The myth that surrounds you
in my head covers you like night
And I know I don’t breath too
deeply in this misty white
And I know I don’t need to
be so imperfectly quiet

And sometimes I
feel so lonely
knowing that you are there
and sometimes I
think I’m the only
one on the earth who is scared

of your cold hands
falling onto my cheeks
to understand
I don’t know what you can
see in me
it’s so dark
when the sun rises
and you’re not here
but you’re somewhere else
waiting for me
and I don’t believe
until I can see
you standing there
you standing next to me
someone like me

I see a vision
in my sleep
a flash of your
bright red hair
and all these incisions
that I see
on my body fade out
like they were never there
and you flicker
in my eyes
I am afraid
that you’ll disappear

You’re not so fragile
but you feel so soft
in my arms
like you could break

I heard you whisper
from a hundred miles away
like I always do
the white noise wherever I lay
wrapped up in you
or something like you
this feeling is all that I have
when I wait for tomorrow
to drown in my sorrow
without you, I wouldn’t ever be sad

but that’s not so bad.