One Night and Morning

by Noise Pollution

So, almost as a response to last night’s post, here is a song I wrote which was heavily-inspired by You Are My Sunshine. It shares a very similar rhythm and theme. The final verse is literally just the chorus from the song, so as to hammer home the similarities and because the clear, distinct reference to it actually wraps the song up quite nicely. The verse makes the final point that is necessary to really conclude the song, which this song is lacking on it’s own, I feel.

They all compared you
to a night sky
but to me
you’ve always been bright
a lighthouse beacon
on the horizon
so I know
I’m headed in the right.

I came to gasping
and out of breath
with you smiling
over my head
but then you faded
and you were nowhere
so I just
went back to bed

I came to screaming
and full of panic
had I forgotten
the last two years?
the empty space that
has kept me distant
from you, my love,
from you, my fears.

I came to too tired
to pull myself up
I couldn’t drag myself
to my feet
and as I laid there
devoid of passion
I hoped you’d
come to me.

They all compared you
to a sunrise
but to me
you’ve always been there
through cloudy weather
and through the nighttime
so I would never
feel this scared

But now I’m back home
It feels so lifeless
this place reeks
of undeath
those hollow eyes, they
seem to reflect me
and fog under
my shallow breath

They all compared you
to my father
but to me
you never went away
always lurking
under my feelings
but your heart
it couldn’t stay

You are my sunshine,
my only sunshine
You make me happy
when skies are grey
You’ll never know, dear
how much I love you
Please don’t take
my sunshine away.