Here’s Something

by Noise Pollution

I couldn’t come up with anything original tonight, so here’s some lyrics to a song I’m learning on guitar. Well, learning is kind of a stretch because it’s a ridiculously easy song to play, but whatever. It’s still not quite ready for Youtube.

“Now my dad says, ‘Fuck the details,
Just keep your head down hard
You got to find yourself alone
Before you’ll find the eyes of God
You may be broke and scared and mad and tear
At the flesh of your heart-strings
But you were born to be a peasant not a king
So just stop acting like you’re running from something
You’re gonna leave the way you came without a thing
With your heart tied to your mind tied to a string
You just sing and you sing and you sing’
It doesn’t mean a thing.”

-It Doesn’t Mean a Thing, The Airborne Toxic Event

I have a copy of the album this song is on signed by all the members of the band. They were incredibly nice people.