An Obvious Conclusion

by Noise Pollution

I can’t shake this feeling
that everything is gonna be alright
I guess that I haven’t been dealing
very well with this distinct lack of the light

so turn the tv on
with the volume off
let me bathe in the glow
of a new season
as the leaves turn red
I will lay in bed
and I know this nothing
happened for a reason

And I read the actor’s lips
as he writes out perfect prose
with them
and I hear you in my head
tell him something that were it verbalized
would sound like yes

I have come to a conclusion
This has all come to a denouement
Everything I’m doing
isn’t everything I know I want
I know that I’m something
even if it isn’t something much
and after all this nothing
I can’t hear or see or even touch

and I know
fucking sucks.