I Hate the Internet

by Noise Pollution

You sit in front of a screen, turn on the light, and complain into a microphone about things that you don’t like, and what’s wrong with them, and what’s wrong with everyone who likes them.

You scoff and you laugh at the very idea that anyone else’s tastes could be at all relevant.

You are the only one that exists, clearly.

Any dissenting opinion is just someone trying to take away your free speech.

It is a right that only you have, and no one should be allowed to express themselves, because they’re drowning out your voice.

If you can’t be heard, that’s wrong.

So laugh at the pop-punk-rockers and make fun of bands that you don’t like.

Deconstruct the everything we constructed overnight.

You are a victory for this human race.

Only your culture is true.

Your white-guy hate and your white-guy pain can only be expressed by you.

You are a beacon of truth in a dark world filled with people who like music you don’t like.

And you are…
…a fucking asshole.