Good Things, Be Good

by Noise Pollution

Marriage is legal in the US now.

Yeah, I just called it “marriage” and not “gay marriage” because I don’t really feel that there’s much of a need to distinguish between the two. Especially not now.

It’s great. There are more people out there who get to be happier than they would have otherwise. Is that not reason enough to be happy about this news?

We should all be supportive of the happiness of others. And, hey, Christians who seem to have forgotten literally everything that Jesus taught in the wake of this monumental event: you should probably just stop talking. About anything, ever. Jesus never taught to hate homosexuals. Jesus said love everyone. Jesus said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Jesus hung out with the lowest members of society. He healed the ostracized sick, his apostles were the penniless fishermen, and his teachings were those of love and peace. He didn’t teach you to hate those who are different from you. And before you get all uppity about an atheist telling you what’s right and what’s wrong, I grew up Christian. Very Christian. I know all of the old Bible stories, I know all of the horrible Old Testament fire-and-brimstone crap. Pretty sure we’ve been taught that the teachings of Jesus take precedence, and even if they didn’t, you are not God’s fire and brimstone. You are not meant to be the judge of man. You are supposed to live your life righteously, and that means being kind to your fellow man.

So calm down. Let other people who aren’t like you be happy. Don’t say horrific things to them and about them. That’s not Christlike at all. And if you’re not Christian and you’re just a regular, old-fashioned homophobe, you can sit and stew and just know that the world is leaving you behind. Because it is. Unless you can grow the fuck up and accept other people and treat them with respect, you will be left on the wrong side of history and die a villain. Good for you.

Anyways, I’m stoked about the Supreme Court decision, and I hope everyone who’s being crazy can take a second to calm down and remember that everyone is human and deserves to be treated like one. No one deserves the abuse that is being dished out right now.