I Posted an Angry Comment on Youtube Again

by Noise Pollution

I’m so fucking sick of the term “SJW”. If you haven’t heard the term, well, good for you. You haven’t been exposed to the most disgusting corners of the internet. Stay innocent, my friend. Anyways, the term stands for “Social Justice Warrior” and it was created as a dismissive way to refer to anyone who believes in… well, anything positive from what I can tell. If you’re against racism, sexism, homophobia and for human rights, than you’re just a lousy “SJW” trying to ruin your average fat white nerd’s day. And I say this as a fat white nerd myself. The creation of the term was a defense mechanism triggered in people who couldn’t find an actual, legitimate way to defend their shitty behavior anymore. Rather than actually come up with an argument for why being horrifically sexist is okay, because that’s impossible to do, they decided to homogenize everyone who wasn’t exactly like them into a group and decide that that group was to be the target of laughter. You know. Like bullies have been doing with nerds, for like, forever. Maybe you fuckers deserved it. The second the possibility of physical retaliation is out of the picture, you become bullies, too.

Anyways, I saw someone talking about the whole Confederate flag debacle on Youtube. Yeah, they were angry at those nebulous “SJW”s for taking away the flag. When first off, holy fuck, did they ever think that maybe, just maybe, it was the people of races who felt marginalized by the appearance of that flag over state buildings who were upset, and not just a bunch of hippie white people? And that maybe dismissing the feelings of literally every person who didn’t like that symbol of oppression because you assume they’re all white is fucking horrifyingly racist? Secondly, ugh. Fuck that term.

And “Ugh, fuck that term,” is essentially what I ended up commenting. The retort was another dismissive comment about “SJW”s followed by the comment that if I don’t like that term, that means I must identify as one. As if that were a bad thing.

Here is what I wrote back before removing myself from receiving further notifications so as to save myself the anxiety of watching this unfold any more: “There’s literally nothing wrong with being against racism and sexism, and the creation of a dismissive term to make fun of anyone who identifies as a feminist (because that’s where the term originated) is one of the most disgusting things the internet has ever done. So, yeah, I identify as an SJW. Sorry for not liking racists, homophobes and sexists. I’m apparently the oppressive evil of the internet that you need to triumph against for feeling that way.”

So yeah. Fuck that guy, and fuck anyone else who thinks that being a “Social Justice Warrior” is somehow a bad thing. Because it’s not. Don’t let the users of that term get you down, don’t let them drown you out, and most of all, don’t let them dismiss you. You, as a person who is pro-human and anti-asshole, deserve more respect than that. So next time someone shuts down your argument by laughing at you and calling you an “SJW”, fucking own it. Make sure they know that that term is not enough to silence you. Make sure they know that that term doesn’t hold the power that they think it does. It’s nothing more than a creepy defense mechanism formed by people who will end up on the wrong side of history, and are afraid of that fact. You’re bigger than they are, and when the dust settles, you’ll be the one left standing proudly, while they’ll be the ones babbling incoherently into a void where no one will hear them.