Six weeks of Secondhand Smoke

by Noise Pollution

My name
is spoken so quietly
I can’t
seem to pick it all up
Well I am
losing my sense of
self, that is not enough
My wish
I followed her outside
My love
for whatever you do
and my lungs
can suffer forever
if I can smoke with you.
I see
off in the distance
a fire
burning your arm
I take
a drag from my cigarette
I’m safe from harm
I am
willing to die for
but I’m not
going to try
you are
the love of my life for
as long as you’re in my sight
Oh I’m just
trying to forget
six weeks
just wasn’t enough
I have
erased every trace
of how we would keep in touch
My name
is spoken by no one
My love
is forgotten by all
My heart
has only been broken
but in love, I will again fall.