I Think We’re Alone Now

by Noise Pollution

Man, I’m going to spend this entire birthday wishing I could write a line as concise as “I think we’re alone now.”

It’s seriously such an amazing grouping of five words. There aren’t many phrases that short that say as much as that one does. I know, I know, it looks really simple, and it is. That’s why its such a good goddamn line. It says everything it needs to and doesn’t even need the follow-up line, “there doesn’t seem to be anyone around / I think we’re alone now / the beating of our hearts is the only sound.” The rest of that is just there to make it rhyme. The rest of it is what makes it a pop song. If I had my way with that song, the chorus would just say “I think we’re alone now” twice, with a pause between them where the other lyrics are. It really says everything it needs to say. Every other part of the song is practically vestigial; it all only exists to give that line a place to exist. And I’m glad it did. The line is fucking beautiful.

Oh, yeah, and it is my birthday, by the way. I’m probably going to spend most of it napping, considering how I only managed to sleep for about four hours, and even that little bit wasn’t uninterrupted. I can’t fall back asleep now, though, I tried.