A Prayer

by Noise Pollution

read in a book
that there was something more to all of this
but I
and there was nothing but the nothingness of death
there is nothing ever after, there is nothing coming next
and I’m so scared to die
And I wonder why
’cause when I live my life
I do not feel alive.
So help me god,
“are you really there?
and do you hear and answer
every child’s prayer?
some say that heaven
is far away”
I don’t think I’ll make it there
I don’t know if I’ll even stay
So help me god,
I remember now
the feeling of the fires
raging all around
I know that heaven
is far away
from the place
where I lay.
And I
read in a book
that I would pay for every
step off the path I took
But heaven
is so far away
That I know you
don’t hear me pray

[Lyrics in quotations taken from the Mormon children’s song, A Child’s Prayer.]