Alive Complex

by Noise Pollution

I should’ve died when I was young
then I wouldn’t
have to prove nothing to anyone
but now that I’ve survived
I am a reflection of the light
of losers everywhere
and I know it’s not fair
but the fire sort of
burned me out
and the smoke inside my lungs
has finally worn me down
I cough out memories
and meaningful things to me
I try to bring you peace
but I bring you tragedy
It doesn’t matter
It doesn’t matter
I have no destiny
It doesn’t matter
It doesn’t matter
In spite of everything
that’s happened to me
I wanted to be
a somebody
I wanted to believe
That everything that’s happened
happened for a reason
that I stumbled through the ashes
to bring me to something to believe in
that my screaming, bloody legs
would take me to an edge
where I’d see everything
all at once
but everything
is meant for everyone
and I’m alone out here
and these things have only made me more alone.