The River

by Noise Pollution

I feel a headache coming on
it’s on the edge of my mind
I see a bunch of flashing lights
I hear a hook sinking the line
I taste the water in my mouth
I smell the sickness pouring out
I feel the hook start to sink in
I feel the feeling in my skin
and as the blood begins to flow
I think of you, I’ll never know
it doesn’t matter in the end
I see you swim around the bend
and the waters’s cold
and my body’s tired
and I’m still not sold
I still hear a liar
when you talk about the things
you wish that I could be
and the line begins to wrap itself
around my bare feet

and it’s clear I’ll leave the river

but you grab my hand
and you hold it tight
and you pull me back
with all your might
but the barbs stayed true
true to you
You say you weren’t sure
but I think you knew
and I see you from under
the surface of the water
as I start to slip away
And you swear to god
you swear I’ll come back,
oh, you know we’ll be together some day
when I learn how to swim
on my own, I’ll dive in,
and I’ll take you far, far away,
but I don’t want to
I don’t love you
I won’t miss you
I don’t want to
I won’t come back
even if they let me go.