Love and Motivation and Love Again

by Noise Pollution

You keep the world from turning
I’ve kept the world from burning
but now I’m burning it all down
and all the acid in my stomach
burns up all this gin and tonic
I know the world is burning down

and I smile
because I know and understand

You keep my life from livin’
it keeps my head from spinnin’
but now I’m spinning all around
I try so hard to listen
but hearing clouds my vision
when you aren’t the one making the sound

and I can’t smile
because you know and I don’t understand

with needlepoint precision
I avoid another collision
somehow believing that’s enough
but I can’t make decisions
I won’t be what I once envisioned
what’s the point of looking forward if you’re stuck?
I dreamed that I would reach it,
that this would soon be mine
I’ve been stuck
for a long, long time.

If I just don’t develop
your love I love to feel envelop
me will not envelop me no more.
but I just let it swell up
stick what’s stuck and shut the hell up
my dreams will not envelop me no more.

with broken determination
The world provides a strong sedation
I watch TV and fall asleep.
In death, there’s no creation
all of life is just stagnation
look at you and then look back at me.
I see the start
and follow to the end of the line
I’ll be here
for a long, long time.

You are the world’s constant turning,
I am its slowly burning
I hope it all is burning down.