Another Way

by Noise Pollution

It’s not like I really want to hurt them
I’ve got better things to do
but when I get myself to hurtin’
all I think about is you
and how your head deserves to roll
for all the death that you have caused
you killed my heart and killed my soul
you killed my love and gave me loss

Everyone deserves some pain
I think about it all the time
every person is the same
at the wrong end of the knife

I wish you could see me now
I’m gonna bring this all to light
demons I long ago had slayed
you casually brought back to life
and I panic when I sleep
and I scream when I’m awake
I bring my hand up to my head
and drag it down my bloody face

I’ve had this headache since that day
that day you tried to slit my wrists
by making me so sad
that I would not even resist
but now the blade that did me harm
it brings power back to these arms
I bring it down on all my foes
and bury them in my backyard

I know I’m doing the right thing
the right thing for me right now
I swore I’d never go this far
but lately I’ve had to allow
myself to do the things I want
even if they’re all the worst
I just find myself distraught
and I know I have to hurt

I’ll do better someday soon
but for now this is my life
The lonely sun, the lonely moon
laughed at by stars dotting the sky
but this suits me after all
I always felt I deserved to die
but now I know I do for sure
I hope that nobody survives.

I’ll make sure.

[In case it wasn’t clear, this is an entirely fictional scenario. I hate that I have to say that here, as it maybe ruins the tone a bit, but yeah. I’m not a serial killer, in case you were worried.]