All That I Am

by Noise Pollution

I can’t get no help for this
don’t you think about
how bad I would have wanted to be missed?
but everything that I can be
was consumed by your kiss
it started with a memory,
it started with a lisp

Oh I can think of nothing better
than writing out this lonely letter
a million things I wish I would’ve said
some hatred would’ve brought some closure
now I can’t keep my composure
a million times I’ve wished that you were dead

I’m a bad, bad, bad, bad man.
and now that’s all that I am.

I can’t speak about that one time
that time you took your clothes off
but you left me caught in mine
I should’ve wanted things to be perfect
but I was okay with them being fine
she said it ended with a catchy chorus
no, it ended with a haunting line

and I can dream of nothing brighter
than holding up these notes to fire
a million things I wish I could forget
but I can’t forget what has become me
all those words were taken from me
a million things I wish hadn’t happened yet.

I’m a sad, sad, sad, sad man.
and now that you’re gone, that’s all that I am.