This Isn’t Very Good, but Whatever

by Noise Pollution

You hate everyone
who ain’t rich, perfect and white
but Jesus died with darkened skin
penniless, and right
He said to all the angry people
“Why can’t we all just get along?”
he is a god I don’t believe in
but even he believes you’re wrong

I read your fucking book
and nowhere does it say
to treat somebody different
for being girly, poor or gay
Who are you to judge
I see you covered up in cuts
they are the things you haven’t done
yet, and they are sins in their own way

you cut your hair so short
because you are a manly man!
and your parents told you to
and you followed everything they planned
You are not a person,
you are just a machine
who are you to hate
on me?

I read your fucking book
and I just can’t figure out
where the hell you can get off
with all the bullshit that you spout
The god you are obsessed with
said none of those things
It’s the devil that you must
be worshipping.

I used to believe in god
I prayed every night
I prayed that everybody else
would be okay, be alright
I hoped that someone out there loved me
I once believed that he did
I know now that I was
just a stupid kid.
I hate you more than
You hate who you hate
I wish you the worst and
I hope you make a million mistakes
and they don’t let you in in the end.