Get High

by Noise Pollution

I’m so afraid to be

Push it into my arm
and let me love you
let me love you for who you are
and not what I want us to be
I want to be you
I want you to be me

No, you don’t understand
The skeletal remains of me
were all part of the plan
I’d hoped to become
just a little more numb
to whatever it is that I was

Don’t you want to get high?
I just want to get high
to get high, get high
get high. get high.
A new meaning of life
to get high, to get high
A reason to survive
to get high, get high.

These cuts on my wrist
You’ll take five, I’ll take six
And they’ll fade into scars
and you’ll fade into stars
And I’ll know for real
how exactly I feel
The world is just pathetic
I won’t let it
consume me

Don’t you want to get high?

get high, get high.